Good news for 888 Casino members in the US

United States is still off-limits for the vast majority of online gambling operators. 888-casino

Everyone is anxiously waiting to see whether legislators will change their stance on banning all forms of online gaming in the country.

There are tens of millions of prospective customers in a nation that exceeds 300 million people, so there is a lot of money to be made.

The players are also hoping that in a not so distant future it will be possible to play their favorite games from the comfort of their home.

Sheldon Adelson and other gambling moguls are doing their very best to the rail any such projects, but progress is inevitable and unstoppable. There are also good news coming from Delaware and other US states, where online gambling is picking up speed.

Poker is still the Cinderella of this industry, because the numbers posted by these games are still far from those expected earlier this year. The problem is that Delaware is a tiny stack with insufficient people to build a lucrative community of poker players.

The possibility of joining forces with Nevada and New Jersey should bolster the confidence of those who are about to lose any hope. Both states are significantly larger than Delaware and if players from these two states tag along, the community will be sustainable.


Meanwhile, August was a great month for those who play online casino games and the numbers indicate a sharp increase. Players are spending more money online and as a result gambling operators are willing to invest more in this industry.

If it wasn’t for poker, the growth would cross into double-digit territory, but as it stands 7% will have to do. In anticipation of New Jersey jumping on board, the citizens of Delaware also have high expectations from Pennsylvania.

This is a larger state with more people living within its borders, so the impact it would make will be significantly larger. 888 Casino has plenty of fans from coast to coast and this is on the gambling entities that would benefit greatly from its addition.

This is one of the few online casinos and poker rooms that accept Americans, but they need to go through certain protocols. Time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, the process is still linear and players are guaranteed to receive their funds on time and in full.

There were no instances in which payments were delayed or bonuses were paid, so 888 Casino is still a safe haven for US gamblers.