In order to have a better fighting chance, punters need to understand some key concepts, so going over this regles-bookmakerglossary can prove helpful.

American Odds – are a way of expressing value, with players betting on the positive or negative rating depending on whether a team is a favorite or underdogs.

Most bookmakers currently offer the opportunity of converting these odds into European or fractional variants, for convenient approach.

Half time/full-time wagering – players can bet on the outcome of a football game after 45 minutes or after the final whistle. The same can be done when wagering on other sports as bookies enable customers to bet on the score recorded at the end of each period.


Handicap wagering – when a team is overwhelming favorite to prevail, players will find no incentive in backing that squad. At the same time, they are emitted by the prospect of wagering on the underdogs and this is where bet handicaps come in handy. To win such a wager the team of choice needs to cover the spread, which ranges from a fraction of a points to dozens of points for basketball matches.

Bets on the winners – sometimes the games can going to overtime and in order to mitigate the risks of drawing after game and undecided, players can bet on the winner. The result is that they settle for lower odds, but they minimize the chances to lose, so it’s a fair trade.

Bonuses – these are the financial incentives offered by bookmakers and online casinos to those who open a real money account or make the first deposit. Some of them are awarded with no strings attached, as they don’t require players to make a financial commitment others have deposits match by a percentage.

Combination bets – also known as accumulator wagers or parlays, combination bets allow players to add several games on the same betting slip. The upside is obvious, as they benefit from better odds, but in exchange they need to accept the possibility of losing as a result of one game letting them down.

Fantasy betting – punters have the option of betting on teams that compete in a virtual match, rather than going at each other’s throats. They usually bet on the number of goals scored by two different teams who play on the same day or weekend, even though they take on different opponents.

Live wagering – just as the name suggests, live bets apply exclusively to those wagers placed in real-time on event that have already started. Some bookmakers have live streaming features, so players can also watch action as it unfolds, others have to settle for updated info about the match.