About Irish poker

The beauty of poker is that it comes in diverse forms and once you learn the rules of one game you can easily make the transition to the other.

Players who are already familiar with Texas hold‘em and Omaha will be inclined to experience something different and Irish poker could be an option.

Interesting and not that difficult, this game has a few similarities to the aforementioned titles but many more differences and will also appeal to those who routinely play seven card stud.


Overview of Irish poker

The combination between seven card stud and Omaha is going to appeal to the fans of both genres, but it is important to learn the differences between these games.

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If you love action and don’t mind taking more chances, then you will surely enjoy your time at this tables which can accommodate up to 11 players.

The winner will be the one who makes the best possible combination of five cards and participants can make use of the community cards as well as the ones dealt to them.


One of the differences between Irish poker and Texas hold ‘em is that players receive four hole cards as opposed to only two, which makes it similar to Omaha.

They can only use two cards and they need to discard two of them immediately after the flop, while keeping the other two. As a result, it is essential to make up your mind pretty early in the game, because will have fewer possible combinations.

Principle and rules of Irish poker

Players have to pay the small and big blind before the game begins and action moves around the table in the same manner as in Texas hold ‘em. It all starts with the pre-flop phase when players need to decide whether it is worth calling the big blinds, fold or raise and then the game proceeds with the flop stage.

This is very important because it marks the moment when players have to decide about what cards to keep and which to discard, which will heavily impact their chances to win on the subsequent streets.

The turn and the river continue unabated and there are no differences between Irish poker, Omaha and Texas hold ‘em. Some of the most difficult decisions are made on the river, when the showdown will decide the winner of the pot, with players being supposed to use both their hole cards.

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