Celebrities support Gala Casino’s Bingo

Gala Casino covers a broad spectrum of products and sports betting is no longer the dominant section, with casino games and bingo galacasinologohaving a fast rising community.

Gday the latter are very active during the winter months and the fact that they make the transition from land-based venues, to online action is great news.

The online gambling company has run a string of promotions and TV advertisements, in an attempt of attracting players and then put their customer retention systems to good use.

It is not rocket science to keep customers happy, because as long as they are granted access to various tournaments and occasionally offered freebies, they are happy enough. Gala Casino always had the uncanny ability of attracting celebrities as well and in December, they benefited from the substantial support of these VIPs. The reason for why so many decided to support their cause is that they knew that they are doing it for something worth the effort, as a lot of money was eventually donated to charity.

The event was scheduled in the first week of December and was a huge success, with Big Brother stars and famous singers participating. A couple of the players who were willing to donate a small amount of charity won tickets to this event, after having their names selected in a special raffle.

The prospect of spending some quality time in a fancy room next to Leah Wright, George Harrison and Charlie King among many more, providing them with the incentive to get on board.

Model and actress Casey was also present and James Jordan as well, while the VIP guests mingled with the ones who participated. There are very few opportunities better than this one to interact with famous people, while also doing the right thing and it is only fair to assume that similar events will be held in a not so distant future.

All those present decided to forsake any reservations and had a lot of fun, so overall the event was a massive hit and greatly exceed expectations.
The purpose of this gathering was actually to donate £6,000 for Royal Voluntary Service and that’s exactly what happened. Vulnerable people will benefit from this money, with the vast majority of the cash collected being aimed at elderly people who can’t help themselves anymore. All the participants intended to do something special for this Christmas and they brilliantly succeeded.

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