Twist Game Casino contemplates cryptocurrency payments

One of the things that makes Big fish games Casino special is that they always tried to stay ahead of the curve and were at the forefront of innovation in many gametwist_logo_204fields.

One of the best-selling points is the fact that they offer a nice assortment of slot machines with casumo and make it convenient for players to use mobile devices when playing.

They are now ready to pursue another direction and at the top of the priority list is to make it easier for players to deposit and withdraw funds.
They already have several payment methods registered, but it looks like in a not so distant future, the online casino will also allow players to deposit bitcoins. These are just some of the cryptocurrencies that will be added among the payment options, alongside Litecoin and Dogecoin.

There are already many online shops who present their customers with the option of using this sort of payments, but online casinos are a bit reluctant to make this transition.

Some gaming operators regard these currencies as high risk, but a couple of them have already jumped on the bandwagon and Twist Game Casino could be the next one. Besides their genuine desire to help players gain access to a broader spectrum of payment options, they are also concerned about the prospect of the United Kingdom introducing the 15% point of consumption tax.

There are many online gambling companies who are presented with the great option of paying the 15% tax, or accept the otherwise lucrative market. By allowing players to use Bitcoin transactions to deposit and withdraw funds, they might evade the impending tax, without worrying too much about the security of these transactions.

In fact, there are many who claim that cryptocurrencies are not only safer, but also less expensive for both parties involved, because banks are cut off the loop. GoCoin are the time of writing the most likely partners for online casinos willing to make this transition and this solution could be easily adapted to be in complete accord with Internet gaming law. If they decide to accept cryptocurrencies through the GoCoin payment platform, Twist Game Casino will open a new chapter.
Those who currently run such platforms are diligently working with regulators to make sure that they don’t breach any law.

This is essential for those who are seriously contemplating the possibility of making this transition, as they can’t afford to have their activity suspended or upset players. GoCoin has a vast experience in this line of work and even though they were founded in 2013, they already have plenty of customers worldwide, including a couple of online casinos.

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