Casumo Casino hires Ihre Consulting for reputation management

Ihre Consulting has recently signed a couple of lucrative partnerships with some of the biggest European online casumo casumonewscasino.

Good news travels fast and with each new operator that jumped on the bandwagon, more casumo casino found it worthwhile to contemplate a possible agreement.

Among those who realize the advantages of being up with the prestigious consulting firm, is Casumo Casino one of the leading players in mobile gaming.

Casumo hasn’t been around for a long while, but since the casino open its doors to a broad audience, the number of players grew exponentially.

One explanation for this success has to do with the fact that they propose an entirely different alternative to online gambling. Players are invited to level up their characters and get fully immersed into the gaming experience, instead of being limited to spinning the reels of regular slot machines.

The online casino has built and consolidated an exciting brand and they plan on further building on this success.

This is where the partnership with Ihre Consulting AB kicks in, as this company will help them establish a more dominant presence in the United Kingdom and Germany. They are already a major player in the Scandinavian market and this was only the natural step in the right direction.

Casumo’s Affiliate & Partnerships Director, Hanne Aimonen was the one to spread the news regarding the new commitment.

They have high expectations and believe that Ihre Consulting has both the means and the experience to propel them to new highs. The casino did all the right things so far, by filing for licensing and being regulated with the Maltese authorities.

They serve a broad audience and in order to meet customers halfway, they provide customer support in Finnish, German, English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Throughout Scandinavia, Casumo runs an aggressive marketing campaign and they intend to do something similar in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Edward Ihre claims that it is perfectly possible for the online casino to take these two markets by storm and with a little assistance from the company he represents, Casumo should become the go-to casino for British and German players.